“I’m inspired by Balanced Leadership, which avoids overcontrol and undercontrol and stimulates the team’s active interplay.” 

As a trainer and consultant, Lorenz Huber is part of numerous leadership development programs. Furthermore, he regularly speaks at major events. His activities took him in particular to Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and The Netherlands. Lorenz Huber was born in Dresden and lives with his family near Vienna.

Work priorities
  • Leadership Orchestra: Trainings and interactive keynotes
  • Training and coaching for executives and teams
  • Strategy and marketing for musicians and ensembles
Current lectureships:
  • University of Applied Studies Krems: Personality Training, Bachelor Advisor
  • Music Universities Dresden, Munich and Salzburg: Strategic marketing, Negotiations
  • Head of Dakkord Trainings with license “business consultancy including business organization”
  • Head of training, business consultancy in Vienna
  • Conductor and director of music school
Course of Studies
  • Systemic coaching and consulting
  • Business administration for executives
  • Master of Arts „Professional Teaching and Training“
  • Trainer’s diploma
  • Conducting and Music education diploma
  • Seminars: Ethics, Diversity Management, Leadership between cooperation and competition, Gender Mainstreaming, Innovative Marketing, Conflict Management / Mediation, School Principals’ Academy, Sponsoring