"Interesting - inspiring - a benefit from first moment on! At our University Mozarteum Salzburg, Lorenz Huber spoke about Sponsoring.
Our students benefitted immensely from this."
Elisabeth De Roo
Head of Career Center, University Mozarteum Salzburg
"Already for the second time, Lorenz Huber qualified our students for marketing and negotiations. In addition to his broad professional background,
the students appreciate the varied teaching methods and media support."
Claudia Syndram
University for Music Dresden, Career Center
"Competent, goal-oriented and very likeable. Our students were enthused by the "Sales & Akquisition" seminars with Lorenz Huber already the second year."
Ines M. Schneider
University for Music and Theater Munich, Institute of Media and Cultural Administration
Munich standing

“Once I heard a music professor saying: “Marketing is damaging our students!” I say that denying the competition is a much higher risk. For musicians, strategy and marketing are important as well as rehearsing.” 

Initial situation

  • Music market is under pricing and competitive pressure 
  • Community does not grow automatically out of the online traffic


  • Portfolio becomes unclear
  • Every job is accepted before strategy is clear
  • After this, fair prices can hardly be achieved


  • An artistic career needs goals, strategy and tools
  • In this sceptical market, the portfolio must be credible
  • Strategic communication must address every one – from traffic to fans

Target groups

  • Musicians and music teachers
  • Ensembles and music schools


  • Development and implementation of a credible, sustainable marketing strategy
  • Artistic and economic success


  • Analysis of initial situation incl. resources, individual goals and market environment
  • Development of communication strategy for traffic-leads-prospects-customers-fans
  • Learning from international best practice 
  • Negotiation training

Every coaching for musicians and ensembles is individually, based on these guidelines:

  • Confidentiality
  • Focus on client’s goals 

Coaching with Lorenz Huber at Music University Vienna