New – 100% online – no previous knowledge of music necessary

Remote Leadership Orchestra for executives

For individuals and small groups

  • Remote teams do not need a classical conductor with a baton on a podium. They need remote leadership for autonomous work in a precisely coordinated project.
  • In this training, executives coordinate the recording of a piece of music by our international Leadership Orchestra. The musicians play in different countries.
  • The trainer supports them in their communication with the musicians and in the use of the tools.
  • The results of the work and the process are evaluated together.
  • The executives transfer their findings to their fields of responsibility.

That’s how the online training works:

  • 1 week in advance: Selection of the pieces of music 
  • Interactive webinar: Input and discussion on the success factors of online orchestras
  • Project setup: Introduction of the team and the tools, planning of the project 
  • Recording and Assembling: Recording of the parts and production of the piece of music
  • Performance: The result of the work is evaluated together with the musicians.
  • Transfer: Feedback and conclusion for the individual field of responsibility
  • 1 week later: Video recording for all participants
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We offer Blended Learning with our experienced partner ensembles in these regions.

How it works:

  • 1 week in advance: Music pieces for choices as MP3 and notation video
  • Online- Intro: Input and discussion about leadership success factors  in orchestras and customer company
  • Online Crash Course: Conducting Basics , Preparation for conducting session
  • Live and present: Conducting session with string quartet following the current distance rules. The trainer is connected via video donference. Video and audio recording for participants.
  • Online Transfer: Feedbacks and conclusion via video conference and online pinboard
  • 1 week later: Participants receive video recordings

Since 2001...

... Executives improve their leadership impact
on our podium


... Teams strengthen their identity and performance in our sessions


... Balanced Leadership is our guiding theme

Inhouse Trainings
No previous knowledge of music required - Duration 1/2 to 2 days

Leadership Focus

Improving leadership impact by conducting, getting instant feedback and learning the
secrets of Balanced Leadership

Team Focus

Increasing team’s performance and dynamic
by implementing peak orchestra’s crucial success strategies

Sales Focus

Aligning the team for customer orientation by learning from opera teams and their very special approach to stakeholder management

School Programs

Inspiring teens for leadership and teamwork by conducting and orchestra interactions

Interactive Keynotes
No previous knowledge of music required - Duration 1/2 to 2 days

Leadership Focus

How peak conductors practise Balanced Leadership, win their team for challenging
goals and act in the panic zone

Team Focus

How peak orchestras organize themselves, define roles and inspire their audience

Digitalization Focus

How traditional orchestras overslept digitalization, woke up brutally and created themselves newly

Interim Management Focus

How guest conductors settle into the existing organization, build up trust and operate change effectively

Video 3 Minutes

Interactive keynote for international MBA students


Yes, executives can conduct our Remote Leadership Orchestra. For this they don’t act like classical conductors, but as project managers for an international recording session.

That’s what executives say::

  • They communicate more clearly and convincingly
  • They act less contradictionally
  • They lead more balanced, overcontrolling and undercontrolling behaviours are reduced
  • They involve the hole team instead of single persons or groups

That’s what Teams say:

  • The common experience of the orchestra connects people
  • Self organization and self responsibility are improved
  • Team players improve cooperation

Of course we would have to accept that. Since 2001, this happened maybe 5 times, that means less than 1 per mill. In this case, we ask for the reasons and try to find an individual solution. Much more often we hear people saying  “In advance I was sceptic, but now I’m enthusiastic.”

We make high demands on our musicians, including excellent technique, observation and feedback skills. They enjoy playing like they are really conducted. If they would do so in their everyday job, many performances would fail.  Then we appreciate feedback for the conductors, what is also not very usual in music business.

No. For saving travel expenses, we cooperate with professional local ensembles  and orchestras. Interactive keynotes can also be performed without musicians.

We calculate normally 3 sqm per person for trainings and 2 sqm per person for interactive keynotes.