Marion Kramer

  • Systemic Consultant
  • Founder and owner of strategos Organizational Consulting
  • Core competences Strategy – Change – Leadership

Marion Kramer founded her company  „strategos Organizational Consulting“ 1996 in the area of Hanover. 

After the studies of Business Administration, she worked first as lecturer for two years at the Academy of German Bundeswehr and afterwards for three years as Director of Studies at a Labour Union. In 1982 she moved to Daimler AG. For her current consulting activities, she benefits from the 14 years of management experience in different staff and line functions of this enterprise, at first in a big car production site and then in the headquarter. During this time she was responsible for recruiting and development of executives and organizational development processes of the car sales division. She was involved in the development of pathbreaking company agreements (Partial autonomy manufacturing, compatibility of family and profession)  and for three years project leader “Personell Strategy” as a direct report of the board member HR. 
The core competences of Marion Kramer are the controlling of complex changes in big companies and operating big change conferences. Her current inductry-sector-specific knowledge of aviation, logistic, insurance and tourism enables her to provide a deep understanding of methods and issues of strategy development processes. The development and implementation of Top Leadership Programs complete her portfolio.